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We provide fun educational content for pre-primary and primary schools that teachers or students can 3D print straight from our mobile app. We want to raise more creators and makers. Our pedagogically designed content with foundation in STEM is aligned to the CAPS and Cambridge curriculum as well as [Read More]

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4 Schools 1 Reviews (2) Products

Reddford House - Northcliff
Charterhouse School

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2 Schools, 1 Reviews.
3D printers and accessories for schools

1 Schools, 0 Reviews.
introduction to 3D printing, design thinking process and robotics for kids ages 3-8 years old
  Charterhouse School
Charterhouse School
Reddford House - Northcliff
Reddford House - Northcliff
Reddford House Northcliff
Reddford House Northcliff

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Why Toyz 3D Printers
3D printers and accessories, Why Toyz
This is a fantastic product! It is very user-friendly and the children love it! The customer service is fantastic! Petra is always happy to jump in and help in any way. We highly recommend it!
Posted By Niki Macnamara (Head of department) from Charterhouse School