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Seartec has been distributing the Sharp brand of products in SA for over 42 years. We pride ourselves on offering leading edge products supported by speedy and efficient technical support.

Product/Service: Sharp Calculators
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2 Schools 1 Reviews Product Info

The Grove Primary School
The Grove Primary School
Herzlia Highlands Primary
Spine Road High School
The Grove Primary School
Christel House South Africa
Christel House South Africa
Paul Roos Gymnasium

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Sharp calculators such as the basic calculator (EL-231) and financial calculator (EL-738), Desktop Calculators (EL-2128V, EL-124, EL-330) are designed to be easy to use and robust. Perfect for students, teachers and admin staff.
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Targeted Remedial Tutoring

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Awesome Workshop
Sharp Calculators, Seartec, proud distributor of Sharp
I had the greatest fun learning how to use this snazzy new Calculator and in a way that I was not made to feel awkward or silly! The Presenter was fun and easy to understand and I enjoyed her - AND the product! My Grade 7's will ove it and will no doubt think I am brilliant!
Posted By Michele Boyzen from Targeted Remedial Tutoring