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We leverage expertise gained in working in both primary and secondary schools as well as tertiary institutions, both locally and internationally. We offer a valuable partnership and uniquely tailored teacher learning experiences to support schools in their quest for innovation and future-focussed e [Read More]

Product/Service: Gamified PD Platform
5 Schools 6 Reviews Product Info Review Quote
5 Schools 6 Reviews Product Info

Parklands College & Christopher Robin Pre-Primary
Parklands College Secondary
Parklands College
Cannons Creek Independent School
St Stithians College
St Stithians Boys' Preparatory
Jeppe High School for Boys
The Grove Primary School
Pinelands North Primary School

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Have fun learning anywhere, anytime, the way you want to. Dive into 30+ amazing courses which bring you the best mix of edtech and pedagogy - supported by our team of experts. Loaded with examples and downloadable templates, our practical courses not only tick the CAPS boxes, but also connect you to real teachers doing awesome things in real South African classrooms. And have some fun along the way! Get your badges, earn certificates, challenge your colleagues, all while racking up your SACE points. PurpleZA is your one-stop PD shop - future-proof your classroom today!
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Hurlyvale Primary School
Hurlyvale Primary School
Pinelands North Primary School
Pinelands North Primary School
St Mary's School Waverley
St Mary's School Waverley
Archers College
Archers College
Japari Remedial School
Japari Remedial School

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Gamified platform
Gamified PD Platform, PurpleZA
This is a really exciting product. I loved working through the courses. There is so much to learn and do.
Posted By Wendy-Leigh (Teacher) Venter from Hurlyvale Primary School, 28 days ago

PurpleZA is the best!
Gamified PD Platform, PurpleZA
I have been absolutely loving the courses on PurpleZa. As a teacher we are constantly on the go between our kiddos, prep, admin and laminating, which leaves little to no brain activity for PD ( Professional Development ) BUT the team at PurpleZa has turned PD into such a fun and exciting way to enhance your skills that it doesn’t feel like a chore. I love teaching using gamification therefore it is no surprise that this platform sparks my creativity, challenges my competitiveness and keeps me coming back for more!
Posted By Angie (Teacher) Nel from Archers College, 28 days ago

My favourite colour is Purple ;)
Gamified PD Platform, PurpleZA
PurpleZA has created a wonderful atmosphere within our school. Our staff are motivated, empowered and excited about learning and implementing their new skills. Monthly challenges and badge chasing has kept the competition gees going as we keep each other accountable. Powerful platform and great support! We love Purple!
Posted By Tamsin Carelse (Head of department) from Pinelands North Primary School

Best money spent
Gamified PD Platform, PurpleZA
I would like to thank you for the amazing tool you have given us in the PurpleZA platform. As a small primary school, we were concerned about the spend required to access the platform, but decided to bite the bullet and invest in our staff’s development. Looking back, we now know it was absolutely the right decision. Our staff love having fun and learning at the same time. We could not have spent the money in a better way. We are already reaping the benefits!
Posted By Tania Jansen van Rensburg (Business Manager) from Pinelands North Primary School

Gamified PD Platform, PurpleZA
I absolutely love this way to develop my teaching skills. I would highly recommend this to all teachers. I really love the fact that I can complete these courses in my own time and at my own pace.
Posted By Dawn Davis (Teacher) from Japari Remedial School

Teacher interest in tech is piqued by PurpleZA
Gamified PD Platform, PurpleZA
Using PurpleZA, teachers learn how to make their lessons more fun and relevant for today's students. A platform like this is an amazing tool that allows all staff, teaching and non-teaching, to stay on top of their professional development. I would absolutely recommend it.
Posted By Mariette Adam (Head of department) from St Mary's School Waverley