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PurpleMoss Media offers a wide choice of Digital Signage Solutions to suit your needs. We supply hardware and software with ongoing maintenance and support. Digital Signage is a powerful and cost effective tool for delivering effective messages to your school staff and student body. Manage y [Read More]

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1 Schools 0 Reviews (3) Products

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Cloud based software runs on window media players enabling remote management of content across multiple screens. These screens can be of any size and configuration, from tablet size displays in small cabinets to large scale video walls and outdoor LED Billboards

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Smart boards are versatile and have a great variety of applications. They can be used as a whiteboard, for projecting, video conferencing and recording meetings. The content scribed and displayed on them during a lecture, presentation, video conference or meeting, can be saved to file and distributed or accessed at any time during or after the event. The content presented on an interactive whiteboard can be distributed in realltime or at a later stage, to many others connected to the internet / cloud. They can even be managed and controled from a mobile device.

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LED TV Screens for effective internal communication to school learners, staff and visitors. Large format indoor LED screens for stage shows and presentaions and Large format outdoor LED screens for sports field scoreboards, or outdoor billboards facing the public advertising events, products and services.

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