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Product/Service: Literacy and Literature
4 Schools 2 Reviews Product Info Review Quote
4 Schools 2 Reviews Product Info

Hoërskool Piet Potgieter
Paarl Boys' Primary School
Stellenbosch University
Kathu Primary
Hoërskool Kaap Recife - Cape Recife High School
Hoërskool Waterkloof
Eversdal Primary School
Hendrick louw

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Literacy and Literature

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Lefaragatlhe Primary school
Lefaragatlhe Primary school
Westview School
Westview School
St Teresa's School
St Teresa's School

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Vuma Reading Program
Literacy and Literature, Pearson
Working with this program is a pleasure. The books are filled with loveable characters for children of all ages. It is user-friendly and mind-capturing. There is no better way to spend and share these stories with the people that matter and mean so much to us.
Posted By Janola Harris (Teacher) from Westview School

Platinum Literacy
Literacy and Literature, Pearson
The Publisher is Super. It is easily accessible to everyone - all learners, teachers and parents with internet access can download the pdf for free. If you are at work, your child can simply tell you her/his topic of homework and then you can assist her/him. When teachers are on sick leave or any leave, they can still send activities to learners and assist them. Parents can assist their children even if they don't understand the content. They can use the worksheets memorandum from teacher guides - they are user-friendly. Learners can leave their books and simply go on the internet to download Platinum Learners books or download the Worksheets App for free. Learners who are extremely needy can download study resources without paying anything. It is user-friendly and hassle-free. No more textbooks being stolen and no more damaged books. Above all, our children like to use their smartphones and spend a lot of time on them, and, when they have downloaded Platinum Textbooks they say it is user-friendly. Halala Platinum. Thatha Platinum.
Posted By Lesego Kgwadibana (Teacher) from Lefaragatlhe Primary school