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Libwin is a leading supplier of library and textbook management systems to schools, TVET colleges, HE institutions, corporates and special libraries. With well over 1,500 clients currently making use of their systems, Libwin is able to offer a complete solution in terms of software, specialised hard [Read More]

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2 Schools 2 Reviews Product Info

Kingsway High School

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Kingsway High School
Kingsway High School
Woodbridge Primary School
Woodbridge Primary School

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Barcoded Library System Delivers
Library System, Libwin Library Systems
An easy-to-use programme, super training and excellent technical back-up.
Posted By Cheryl Swart (Other) from Woodbridge Primary School

No sweat!
Library System, Libwin Library Systems
Libwin is a highly efficient and effective system for libraries. It covers every aspect of running a library, from accessioning, through labeling to issues and contacting an errant borrower. Gone are the days of paper and pen! Any difficulties are quickly solved by a phone call to the friendly staff at Libwin in Johannesburg. Easy to master, the simplicity and user-friendliness makes a pleasant job even more so.
Posted By Catherine Wickins from Kingsway High School