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ChildCloud is a web-based school communicator & management information system (MIS), designed to meet all the administrative, curriculum and staffing needs of schools globally. What makes us unique? We offer each school a bespoke solution. We fully customize the management system to meet your scho [Read More]

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2 Schools 1 Reviews (1) Products

Sunningdale Primary School

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2 Schools, 1 Reviews.
An effective and fun way for teachers to communicate with parents, observe children and manage classrooms
Sunningdale Primary School
Sunningdale Primary School
Little People
Little People

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Highly recommend
School communicator and management system, Child Cloud
A refreshing alternative to the school communicators that dominate the market. Very user friendly and easy to use. The customer support and on-site training is impeccable. ChildCloud customized the system to accommodate my schools specific requirements.
Posted By Shelley Bergman (Principal) from Little People